I never felt competent or fulfilled with my art until I discovered Photoshop. Traditional media was just too limiting… To ordinary for my tastes.

Now, I can't drag myself away from my computers, night or day. Thank God for laptops or I'd never see the outdoors again.

Editorial projects are my favorite. Moderate fees and tight deadlines allow for more spontaneity and for less client involvement. Just get the general directions and then go nuts! Suits me just fine.

Corporate assignments are less fun, but just as challenging. Photoshop's innate flexibility and ease of modification make last-minute client changes and multiple versions of files nearly effortless.

All hail the Mighty Computer.

When I was a boy, my dad and I would play a game we used to call the 'Scribble game'. We would exchange pieces of paper we had made a scribbled line on and in 60 seconds we had to make a cartoon out of it. There was no prize, no winner or loser – just goofy fun!

I played the same game with my kids when they were small and I have used the 'Scribble game' as a loosening-up exercise in classes and workshops I've taught over the years.

Dad had wanted to be a cartoonist when he went to college. It was the “roaring 20s” then and his cartooning style was a classic example of the art of those days. My own style is very different, but the sense of goofy fun is always in my heart whenever I draw now.

Dad gave up the irresponsible dream of cartooning for the practical one of engineering. Ironically, I studied engineering in college only to give up practicality for an irresponsible career in cartooning.

Thanks, Pop. Best decision of my life!

I've always been fascinated by the wildly fantastic and other-worldly, and yet I spent my early illustration career catering to local advertising and editorial markets specializing in a photo-realistic approach to all things mundane.

Now that I have devoted my illustration career to my first love, science fiction and fantasy art, I have reawakened that early fascination.

To fill in the inevitable gaps between book cover and video game packaging projects I have developed Fantasy Portraiture.

Working with clients in the private sector, I provide portraits that illuminate the childhood fantasies and flights of fancy we all have, but rarely see come to fruition.

Beginning sometimes with client supplied photographs, at other times with images from photo sessions specifically for this purpose, I interview the client to explore and free the fantasy within them.